Refinance Transactions

We Promise to Provide Our Clients with an Easy and Efficient Closing

Broker’s Settlement Services is a company that offers refinancing assistance. We have experienced title professionals on staff who know how to process traditional refinance title contracts. In fact, our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the refinance process, and as a result, we will work aggressively with our lien clearance to give our clients an easy and efficient closing.


Our Software Advantage

To decrease our handling time, we use state-of-the-art technology to form a customized processing program for our clients. Our exceptional service begins as soon as a client selects us for their refinancing needs. In addition, our closing cost framework allows us to input each client’s initial information and his or her Good Faith Estimate. Our software also operates within a client’s loan origination setup.


Our Processing Method

Our processing method includes an aggressive and detailed title review agenda. Furthermore, our team completes automatic certifications to decrease the refinancing workload, which also reduces the processing timeframe. When clients select our company to manage their refinancing contract, they’ll receive fast service throughout the entire process. Our system includes a comprehensive notification feature that we use to contact our clients and their finance companies when important processing events occur. For instance, we’ll send a notice to confirm the loan is clear to close (CTC), the closing schedule, funding confirmation and that the loan package has shipped.
Our experienced title experts focus on assessing each loan to ensure our company’s processing speed. Also, despite our decreased processing time, we continue to maintain our exceptional accuracy and consistency.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple as we provide our clients with advanced settlement and title insurance processing techniques to increase efficiency and turn times. Furthermore, we adapt our business procedures to align with the methods used by each client’s internal processes. As a result, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. To take full advantage of our partnerships with other companies, we employ open communication. We develop alliances and our technology permits us to decrease the processing time for our clients.
We believe that our strategy and processing methods are unique to the industry. Furthermore, providing outstanding customer care is important to our company as we strive to give our clients personalized service.
To reach us, call 412-322-4001. Keep in mind that we also offer free consultations for those who are interested in learning more about our assistance regarding settlements and title insurance.