Post Closing Services

Meet AllDocs!

Through our staff’s expert knowledge of standard practices and with the help of sister company, AllDocs, Broker’s Settlement Services is better able to accommodate any customized requests that clients may make, and we work diligently to develop a way to do it.

AllDocs’ standard suite of services includes the following, though special requests may be made:


Assignment and Lien Release Preparation

Transferring ownership rights by assigning interests to the property is one of the more challenging tasks of the mortgage industry, but it is extraordinarily important. With thorough tracking and an awareness of current fee schedules, AllDocs prepares and records assignments and releases in accordance with state and county regulations.


Document Research and Retrieval

AllDocs locates copies or certified copies of recorded mortgages, deeds or assignments in a quick and efficient manner to complete loan packages and close the individual case.


Government Insuring

The professionals at AllDocs prepare, review and submit binders to VA and HUD offices, using expert knowledge to handle this detailed, time-consuming process, as all necessary documents must be included to make the loan insurable. We work to clear all exceptions and notify clients of any outstanding requirements. Loan Guarantee Certificates (LGCs) and Mortgage Insurance Certificates (MICs) are also tracked.


Mortgage Recording

AllDocs has a thorough knowledge of state and county regulations and a contractor network that has access to courthouses in every county of every state. This allows mortgages to be recorded accurately and quickly. All documents are tracked so clients know where they are at all times. Once the mortgage is recorded, a detailed, customized report is delivered to the client.


Title Policy Recovery

AllDocs obtains duplicate originals or copies of original title policies so that our clients’ employees do not have to spend valuable hours searching for titles themselves. Having built strong relationships with major title insurance underwriters, we can access information quickly, providing it to our clients expediently.


Loan Review/Audit

Because those involved in the processing of the loan cannot be involved in the audit, mortgage companies often need assistance with quality control to assure the loan transaction will meet requirements of HUD, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and most other investors. AllDocs’ knowledgeable professionals are eager to assist clients with this essential function to alleviate the concerns involved with a detail-heavy, time-consuming audit.


Investor Loan Delivery

When clients ship closed loan files to AllDocs, we review each file based on client or investor requirements and identify any deficiencies in the files. Work is then done to clear those items and complete the loan file. Once complete, it is shipped to the investor for purchase. Collateral packages are also delivered to the custodian, and imaging and file storage options are available.
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